Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Productive Procrastination

It's that kind of productivity that gets the bathroom clean when one has a paper to write. Useful, but something to wonder at. Luckily, my current "must do" project is delightful (a big drawing) and the procrastination distraction has become anything sewing related.

Some careful shopping in the Ikea "As-Is" section as well as a thrift store 50 cent bin have yielded several baby items that can be adorned with colour. Fun! My godbaby-to-be has a great many older cousins whose mum has bequeathed all their outgrown clothing to the expected one. This makes some of my creative actions seem slightly less than necessary, but it doesn't stop me. So far, the adorned-with-colour collection includes 4 bibs and the above onesie.

Much progress has been achiebved on the quilt for the baby too. The back is complete. I used a half of a cute birdie tea towel as one panel, for my Galiano Island farm theme.

The front has some amazing Scarlet Fig lamb fabric by Laurie Wisbrun as well as the trees and brown lattice. All I have to do is sew on the sashing (fudge brown) and get to quilting!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Excited Godmother

Two of my dearest friends are expecting at the end of April, and I get to be their baby's godmother! My excitement has been building slowly, but last night reached bubbling proportions because E and A came into the restaurant where I work and had dessert. A quick online search and perusal of the stash provided me with pattern and fabric for a baby sling. Hopefully it will be a useful item for the new mum and dad.

Modeling a baby sling without the baby seems quite pointless, but the cat wouldn't cooperate. At least one can see the general effect. I found numerous patterns which were all pretty much the same, but the measurements here and also here seemed the most accurate.

I think it's Amy Butler "Nigella" fabric in home dec. weight - the "Imperial Fan" pattern.