Monday, September 7, 2009

Measley Mouth the Puppet

My boyfriend's nephew is turning 2 this month. He calls me "Aunty BB" because he can't pronounce my name yet, and he knows I have a horse although he's been too shy to come for a ride. In lieu of the real thing, at least for a little while, I decided to make him a puppet. I found some convenient scraps and crafty bits at a local thrift shop, and set to work.

I think Measley Mouth turned out pretty well! I'd love to make some more animals.

"Do you have any apples for me?" Asked Mr Measley Mouth.

"Look at my fine shaggy coat, perfect for winter camouflage!" The old horse neighed.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Branching Out

I've started piecing a queen top - my biggest yet. It's for my mum and dad, hopefully in time for Christmas. Gleaning some improvisational tips from other bloggers, the style is "chopsticks". Since my parents live in a temperate rain forest, and there bedroom windows look out onto tree branches that include deciduous as well as coniferous trees, I decided that my version of the block is called "branches". Especially with the fabrics chosen, there is a leafy, foresty feel to the quilt already!

(The green tape doesn't do much for the aesthetics right now, I know. My design wall needs white tape that won't mar the paint.)