Thursday, September 3, 2009

Branching Out

I've started piecing a queen top - my biggest yet. It's for my mum and dad, hopefully in time for Christmas. Gleaning some improvisational tips from other bloggers, the style is "chopsticks". Since my parents live in a temperate rain forest, and there bedroom windows look out onto tree branches that include deciduous as well as coniferous trees, I decided that my version of the block is called "branches". Especially with the fabrics chosen, there is a leafy, foresty feel to the quilt already!

(The green tape doesn't do much for the aesthetics right now, I know. My design wall needs white tape that won't mar the paint.)


  1. I like your colors. I have been considering making a quilt similar to this, too. Eventually.

    Also, I was just in BC last week.

  2. ohhh, can't wait to see this finished. thanks so much for the friendship bag.....i love it and i love greens.

  3. That will be a very pretty quilt!

    I got a scrap piece of wool from a clearance rack and hung it on the wall with tacs (classy I know) for my design wall. It works GREAT! The squares just stick to it perfectly.