Monday, June 29, 2009

Fantastic Fabrics & Itchy Fingers

I feel like I've dived into quilt land in one big headfirst plunge. Zero to 60 in 3 seconds or something. Researching fabrics, pouring over blogs, ogling quilts on Flickr. I can look at people's projects and say, "Oh yeah, that's Alexander Henry's Bird Seed in pink." Two days ago I had no idea who or what Alexander Henry was. Maybe quilting is a disease. I've certainly caught the bug.

Even though I have yet to finish my baby coin quilt, I have multiple ideas sketched out and fabrics chosen (and some ordered, scary & thrilling) for projects two through five. I've converted my best friend to the idea of admiring and wanting a contemporary quilt, and suggested I make said number as her wedding gift. (She's getting married next July, so I think a year is enough time to make a queen size.) Because I just can't wait to get started, but have to for numerous reasons, I thought I'd put some pictures of the fabrics I've chosen up here.

These three (plus others yet to be determined) will go in a child's quilt, square in square, with the brown lattice as sashing so it becomes a "fence" around the gardens.

I adore this Alexander Henry print, Step By Step. It will go in the wedding quilt.

Calico Cats are so happy and joyful, who can resist? It will be a shame to cut them up, so I think they'll go on the back of a "peek-a-boo porthole" baby quilt.

To be honest, I don't have a plan for 2D Zoo. I love it. Mod animals, including an anteater! It will get saved for something special, and I guess this means I've officially started a stash. Oh dear.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Peachy" Coin Quilt Is So Much Fun!

I've just become someone who makes quilts. No, not a quilter. Not yet. Having not quite finished my first ever quilt, a crib sized coin quilt, I can't assume the title of quilter just yet. I have to confess that I've never really liked quilts. I mean, the craftsmanship and artistry of a beautifully pieced project was always evident, but in general quilts were too full of crazy colours and calico prints and seemed to reek of all the things I don't like about the "country" style. I'm into minimalism and the mid-century modern look, so blue willow teapots quilted onto my bed linen hasn't been on my radar. Somehow, though, I've discovered that modern design and quilting can actually go together beautifully.

About a week ago I googled "modern quilts". Who knows why, or what whisper of interest sparked my search, but there it was. The Flickr group "Fresh Modern Quilts" hailed with gorgeous photos. I was hooked. I wanted to make my own. I'm on holiday in Toronto with no sewing machine and no pins and no iron, but these were not major hurdles. If I found the quilts on Sunday, then by Wednesday I had my fabric, basic acoutrements, and an older machine from Craigslist. A new creative activity was underway.

As a relatively competent sewer, embarking on a quilt with no prior experience, no class, and no mentor has been fine. I've scoured the internet for blogs and sites to give me inspiration and advice, and discovered that I share much with many other fabulous ladies out there who are also into designing lovely, fresh quilt canvases. Thank you all, for taking the time to write about your projects. I hope I can eventually have a "finished quilts" section too!