Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally, a Photographed Finish

Completed cat and bird quilt, at long last! Soon to go to its forever home where a new baby is expected.

It's been so long since I posted anything here, it would seem that I'd abandoned ship. However, that is not quite true. Things have just got a little off course, in terms of blogging and sewing and taking pictures:) What follows is a brief catch-up on a few projects. More to follow!

Detail of the quilting.

I really love how the simplicity of the back contrasts the busyness of the front.

A star block for my quilting bee, which turned out to be quite challenging for my not-so-precision quilting skills.

And a churn dash block, which was fun and easy!

I've got a new quilt underway, for home use, and an appliqued duvet cover under works for my parents. It's the iteration of the forest branches blocks, made mum and dad friendly. They're not really quilt people, so the duvet cover seemed like a good solution.


  1. I like your cat and bird quilt. The colors are great!

  2. The cat and bird quilt is super cute! Your traditional blocks are very nice! And congratulations on your engagement and you're new job! How exciting for you!